Michele Deveze


As a visual artist my photographic work has gone hand in hand with my drawing, painting and collages. Shapes, textures, colours and exciting juxtapositions are recorded for later use. They may become part of a collage - providing colour or texture that evokes certain emotions, or they may become the key subject of a ‘story without words’.

Click a gallery below to see images from my photographic trips:
China / Spain / Morocco / Western Queensland / Central Australia

Or, if you’d like to know a little about that trip, click the link below to gain some background to the reason for the photographic expedition, or stories from the journey:
Morocco Introduction / China Introduction / Spain Introduction / Central Australia Introduction/ Western Queensland Introduction

Sometimes trips can me made almost without leaving home - these are photographic essays of my home environments over the years:
Brisbane / Cairns / Melbourne / Sydney / Townsville

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