Michele Deveze


Michele enjoys running workshops. To view images of some of them run recently in her studio, click Workshop Gallery Alternatively select The artist at work in the menu under Michele the Visual Artist, then the galleries will appear as a sub menu. Select the gallery menu that appears to the far right.

To move through the images in a gallery simply select one of the thumbnails then select either Home, Previous or Next.


“thanks for the class yesterday! It was the best fun, and I learned HEAPS”  Lisa

“I didn't think I could draw...I was talked into doing this class and I was the most surprised that I could get anything that resembled the model...I should also mention that it was a fantastic class, we were taught to draw what we saw not what we think it should look like”  Roz
“The hardest thing about learning to draw is seeing the world anew” Kirsten

Thanks so much Michele for your input - loved practical hints on how to improve my drawing cheers Maggie
Fun, easy-going, informative, creative - ie the classes & also Michele, thanks Kerrell
Thank you Michele. Before today I had never drawn, now I am pleased to be able to draw a woman. Thank you to Carol as well. Roz
There is nothing like Art to fill the soul and exhaust the mind. Thank you Michele! You are an inspiration. Kirsten
Thank you Michele for a most enlightening day. One day of guidance by a superb inspirational soul artist (that’s you) and a great model - is worth 10 with a mediocre tutor, as with everything - thank you so much - Wonderful atmosphere Lindi Birnie-Drew