Michele Deveze


Earlier this year I was invited to draw the musicians rehearsing and performing at the Australian Chamber Music Festival in Townsville.
These resulting works are inspired by the sketches that I did at the concerts and rehearsals. The prints attempt to portray the atmosphere of the Chamber Music Festival, and particularly the two Cathedral venues at which the recitals were held, and to capture the ecstatic frenzy and sublime pleasure of the musicians performing at the festival.
The prints are predominantly linocut and woodcut with chine colle. The two digital prints provide punctuation to the artistic argument. Independently the works portray evocative moments of the performances that I attended. Viewed as a whole, the works develop a rhythm and resonance in the interplay between repeated themes, colours and shapes. I hope that this mimics the musical and atmospheric experience of the Australian Chamber Music Festival.
Michèle Deveze, October 2004