Michele Deveze


Transience, the brief moment of a model, lost in thought, or counting the unanticipated cramp away. Between today and tomorrow, plans that may be realised, or not; conversations which may be had, or not. Emerging from the tempered ground like wraiths from a mist, but with seeming determination, a purpose of declaring their temporal existence, their entity and being, captured for a brief moment as shapes and lines.

Transience, an ephemeral moment between item, artifact and organic; the once utilitarian receptacle momentarily assumes a quality beyond the prosaic, the macabre reflects unexpected elegance, the redundant indulges a swan song of ethereal beauty, as the detritus again becomes one with the ground.

Transience, a fleeting moment between luxuriating in decadent diurnal dozing and instantaneous acute awareness: a noise, a thought, a flea. With a native grace and subtlety, the animals tempt me with impossible poses, only to be reconsidered at no notice, and replaced with a yet more emphatic statement of litheness, negligence; or a complete reassignment or disappearance.

Transience, the absorption, the obsession, the raison d’etre of the day is an essential thing, always there, never the same. It traces a path on moving sands between the beginning and the end; distracted by temporary diversions, it moves inexorably on.

Michèle Devèze 2009