Michele Deveze

About Michèle the artist

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Stories Without Words
I like to think that my artworks tell stories without using words. The images, shapes, lines and textures that I use in a work may be directly related to the subject matter, or have a symbolic (whether traditional or personal) association with the subject; or they may have been used simply because those shapes held some subliminal nuance that at the time I felt gave voice to an emotion or sensation that I was trying to express.

 Most of my work is autobiographical, but deals with experiences and understandings shared by most people. Maybe what I think that I’m saying and what you think you’re understanding are two different things – when are they not? – but, if the imagery elicits a response from you, other than appreciation of a graphic aesthetic, if you are reminded of past (or maybe future) events or feelings, the story has been successfully told.
This work has a different story: 

 it was drawn in direct and unconscious response to the spontaneous musical improvisation of David Salisbury and Steven Campbell, and the evolving sympathetic poses of two artists models, Karen Gibb and Thalia Klonis, during the ‘See Hear Now’ multi-arts festival held in Thuringowa in October 2005. The drawing took about 1 hour to create. It measures about 4 ½ metres by 1 ½ metres, and was drawn predominantly with compressed chalk.

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