Michele Deveze


Graphic Design
Purpledog Enterprises

Do you want your stuff to look good and be seen?

image001  Want to get a page on the internet but don’t know how to?
I can design and upload a simple but effective web page for you.
image001  Recording a CD and want a cover designed for it?
I can do a CD cover for you from concept to pre-production.
image001  Got a show coming up and want posters, advertisements or booklets for it?
I can design your publicity and media needs.
image001  Want a photo slide show or powerpoint presentation made up?
I can do the complete job from photography to presentation.
Need to get some graphic design done but don’t want to pay too much?
Publicity and presentation is important.
You want design work that is simple and effective, publicity that is an advertisement for YOUR stuff, not for the graphic designer’s cleverness.
You want your site to be attractive, not overwhelming.
You want your message to be clear and straightforward.
You want your clients to be able to find the information that they want quickly and easily.
And, above all, you don’t want to pay too much for the job.
I can do your graphic and media design for you.
I can do as much, or as little, of the job as you want me to do:
image001      Concept design and planning
image001      Text and grammatical editing
image001      Photography
image001      Photographic enhancement, editing and preparation
image001      Layout
image001      Pre-production of hard-copy
image001      Upload of websites
From $AUD25 per hour plus any costs and taxes.
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